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Hacienda Orosi

Mineral Hot Spring Water
-1 hour from downtown San José-

Located just 38 kilometers southeast of San Jose, the Orosi Valley is a pristine, picturesque valley of natural enchantment, surrounded by verdant mountainsides blanketed in lush vegetation, abundant water sources provided by several rivers. The Valley invites its visitors to embark upon a unique experience in harmony with the wonders of the natural world.

Immerse yourself in the soothing waters of one of our mineral hot springs pools as your take in the awe-inspiring panoramic mountain views of the Orosi Valley. That surround you. The Cerro Barba de Viejo (The Bearded Man Mountain) as well as two of Costa Rica’s active volcanos, the majestic Irazu Volcano and the Turrialba Volcano, entice you to feel the energy they exude!

Experience the wonders of the natural world as you wander amid our nature trails, perhaps viewing various wildlife and/or our domesticated animals at the Hacienda Orosi farm. In addition, you may be fortunate enough to see some local bird species as they fly above you.

Travel Itineraries

  • After hiking Tapanti National Park, one of the country’s greenest locations, home of five types of tropical forests with abundant wildlife; perfect for bird watching, el páramo vegetation, and waterfalls, come relax and enjoy Hacienda Orosi’s naturally enriched mineral hot spring pools and exquisite farm-to-table cuisine.
  • Dedicate a morning to an archaeological adventure, travel back in time to pre-Columbian and Columbian Costa Rica by visiting the National Monuments: Guayabo and Ujarras ruins. Followed by an afternoon reminiscing in Hacienda Orosi while enjoying a variety of sensations from the sound of nature, the taste of quality farm-to-table ingredients, and the touch of mineral hot spring water.
  • Explore the source of Cartago’s fertile soil, the Irazu Volcano. Brace yourself to see a moon-shaped crater, filled with emerald green water, shaped by the wind and continuous volcanic activity over time. Follow this experience with a visit to see a world-class collection of thousands of orchid varieties at a botanical research center, Lankester Gardens. To finish the day, treat yourself to a relaxing soak under the stars in the rich mineral hot spring waters of Hacienda Orosi, while overlooking the sparkling lights below of the Orosi valley, listening to the sounds of nature, and filling your lungs, as you breathe the pristine night air.

  • On your trip to our facilities, enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Orosi valley as you pass a scenic overlook and take in the view of the picturesque valley below. Further along your journey, you will pass through the town of Orosi, where you will see the colonial church, which was built in 1743 and is an archeological site. It has been deemed a national monument in Costa Rica and continues to serve as a historical heritage center, which is open to the public for viewing. Upon your arrival to Hacienda Orosi, both our extraordinary gastronomic experience as well as our open, natural environment of our modern facility await you, ready to fill your senses with pleasure and delight!

Mineral Hot Springs and their benefits

Our pools have a continuous flow of mineral hot spring water, which is not to be confused with volcanic hot spring water.  The water from the mineral hot springs originates from tectonic plate’s fractures, which heat up the filtered water. The violent increase in temperature drives the water to emerge out the surface in the middle of the rainforest at a temperature of 74℃. (Hypothermal)

According to the World Health Organization, the water is naturally rich in minerals and salt ions that rejuvenate skin tissue, stimulate the senses and increase satisfaction.

Calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, aluminum, sulfate, and zinc are some of the minerals that can be found in such waters.

Pool temperature ranging from 32 ℃ to 38 ℃

Differences between volcanic and mineral springs


  • Composed of extremely high concentration of sulfur.
  • The volcanic origin has a consequent occasional magma discharge.


  • Composed of a high concentration of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, aluminum, sulfate, and zinc.
  • The non-volcanic origin from various regions of Earth’s inner layers gives each patch of water a unique mineral composition absorbed from the fault.
  • Ideal for skin care due to its cell regenerative property.

Orocay Restaurant

Our gastronomic Costa Rican and International cuisine offers a unique dining experience. Our chef plays with exotic herbs that heighten the flavor of our farm-to-table products. Truly a taste for the senses.

Services and Activities

  • Seven mineral hot spring pools with temperature ranging from 32℃ to 38℃.
  • Nature immersed trails ideal for interacting with Hacienda Orosi’s animals.
  • Birdwatching: More than 225 species have been recorded in the Orosi Valley region.
  • Three lakes with wild species of ducks, piches, and white herons.
  • Locker rooms

Social Responsibility

100% commitment in supporting the growth and development of the Orosi Valley community:

  • Community involvement and development: all our staff is from the Orosi Valley region and have been trained with technical skills and backgrounds inside and outside the hospitality industry.
  • Reduced environmental impact: recycling and compost policy, and use of biodegradable products
  • Consumer issues: sustainable consumption from our “farm-to-table” restaurant.

Why did Nespresso select Hacienda Orosi Mineral Hot Springs to make its limited edition Master Origin 2019?


Rich in minerals and nutrients absorbed from the surrounding tropical forests, volcanoes, mountains, and valleys.


Unique mineral hot spring water:

  • Geothermally heated by the Caribbean tectonic plate’s fractures
  • High mineral index
  • Chemical free process


This AAA coffee is fermented in mineral hot spring water, which highlights the malty sweet cereal character of this craftsman’s coffee giving a remarkably balanced and clean taste in the cup

'Mastered by craftsman, inspired by land'